SWOT analysis of ICO (ITO) project

Assessment of strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats to the external environment

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Project concept
Business model
The tech
Project support
Media Environment

Average score

4.8 / 7.0
In general, the Atonomi project deserves attention as it solves the urgent problem of the modern IoT market - to ensure the security of devices working on the Internet. But the project is at early stage of ICO preparation and it is alarming that there are no roadmap, token economy, legal risks of ICO, and the questions of network scalability are not disclosed. However, the final product release is planned before the ICO start, that is, investors will be given the opportunity to evaluate the product's capabilities before purchasing ATMI tokens. There is a high probability that the project will be completed and successfully operated taking into account the experience of the project founders and the possibilities of the CENTRI company.


Blockchain technology is necessary for the project
The team described in detail the business model of the project
The legal structure of the company is transparent
The project is popular on social networks and in thematic communities
The project is widely discussed on blockchain news resources
The founders and leaders of the project are recognized professionals in their fields and in the blockchain industry
The project team has extensive experience and a strong track record
The project has a strong advisory board
The project’s partners are large and well-known
The project founders have experience of implementing a successful business in the project field


The competitive landscape and the project's competitive advantages are not sufficiently defined
There is no clear roadmap
There is no detailed financial plan
The team does not have a working product
The working code of the project (for example: smart contract, platform protocol) is not published on GitHub


Expansion of the market / Creating a new market niche
Increasing demand for the company's product
Increased demand for tokens from ecosystem participants
The project activities are carried out with the fulfillment of the requirements for the processing and storage of personal data
High level of the company's influence on the market


There is a risk of anauthorized withdrawal of funds through a vulnerability in the code

Recommendations for the project

High-priority tasks

  • Describe the competitive landscape and the project's competitive advantages in detail
  • Develop a clear roadmap
  • Develop a detailed financial plan
  • Submit a product prototype
  • Publish the project code (for example: smart contract, platform protocol) on GitHub
  • Carry out a safety audit of the smart contract and publish the results

More information is required

  • about the regulation of fund dispersal and usage of tools (for example, the use of an escrow) that would guarantee the return of investments if the stated usage of funds is not followed
  • about limiting the token issuance
  • about the mechanism for protecting tokens against devaluation
  • about compliance with the legislation requirements of the securities market and on the taking preventive measures
  • about the conditions of the token sale
  • about compliance with AML/ CFT) legislative requirements and on the identification of token purchasers (Know Your Client)
  • about large VC investors in the project
  • about legal support for the project and the work carried out in the legal field

Medium-priority tasks

  • Detail the description of the business model
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